Ignition Interlock BEST Labs FR-9000

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FR-9000 Ignition Interlock

If you have been convicted of a drunk driving charge then you will need an breath alcohol ignition interlock device (BAIID)to regain driving privileges. UPI can get you back on the road whether it’s is for restricted or occupational license. Our interlock conforms with state programs for drivers convicted of DWI, DUI and allows drivers to work while completing their court imposed sentence.


  • Equipped with advanced fuel cell technology
  • User friendly design
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Unit provides next service dates, current status, and test instructions.
  • Hassle-free start-up procedure
  • Dual heating elements reduce wait time in cold weather
  • Reset codes prevent the need to tow the vehicle if the device locks out (In some jurisdictions)


  • Temperature and humidity sensors use to detect a non-human air sample.
  • Infared body temperature sensors scan for user proximity during the breath test
  • Wiring harness bypass detection
  • Accelerometer mesures vehicle motion to detect device bypass
  • Starter system bypass detection